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To connect with today’s savvy digital consumers means building services that they really click with. And if you want to harness data-driven benefits for the future of your company, it’s essential to know where you’re starting from

  1. Do you deliver a great experience to every potential customer?
  2. How do you score against your competitors?
  3. Are your customer experience metrics above or below industry averages

When you need to answer these questions, KPS is ready to help

We all know retail is changing at such a rapid rate. Lots of people talk omni-channel, but KPS has actually done it

Mike LogueCEO, Dreams

We’ve helped leading companies revolutionise their e-commerce performance. We have the tools, processes and people to identify what you’re doing well (or not so well), at every step of every customer journey.

We provide a fast and accurate way to identify where you’re missing revenue opportunities due to avoidable failures in customer experience. We use it to benchmark your business against a set of 400 crucial markers across key areas.

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Digital maturity is vital for growth

Here’s how a KPS assessment can impact your performance

  1. Identify your level of digital maturity and outline industry best practices
  2. Determine your costs, business readiness, internal and external skills gaps, and return on investment
  3. Plan and implement new areas for growth
  4. Assess impact, monitor KPIs, evaluate, and continue innovating