Reaps The Benefit of Adopting our Digital Acceleration Programme

“The most important thing for myself and the management team has been the passion KPS has shown for our business – it’s important to see a partner who is excited by a major initiative you are putting into the business.”

Mike Logue
CEO, Dreams

Benchmarking Dreams across 400 digital performance markers against its competitors – and rolling out a programme of continuous improvements, has reaped benefits for this leading retailer

Continuous evaluation leads to continuous improvements

Our relationship with Dreams hasn’t ‘just’ been implementing a new SAP e-commerce solution. We have worked hand-in-hand, researching their retail space and making the necessary improvements to not only keep them in the running but to go above and beyond to meet consumer needs. 

We developed the Digital Acceleration Programme (DAP), which benchmarks a brand against its competitors, as well as the best of breed within the retail space. Using 400 markers, we highlight where you’re winning, losing, and where the best opportunities for improving customer experience, and, ultimately, revenue, is for you. 

As for Dreams, we researched how people choose a new mattress, and then examined how they could support potential customers through each step, developing the best possible user experience that led to the highest conversion rates.

It was clear that the website was just one touchpoint in a far more complicated purchase journey – one that needed to be defined by behaviours.

The programme, which uses SAP Flash methodology, identified focus areas for optimisation. Working with Dreams digital team, we developed an action plan that aligned with their KPIs and then got to work on making it happen.

The first benchmarking we carried out – in September 2018 – saw Dreams scoring just 37/100 against our set of markers, lagging behind competitors such as Simba and Wayfair.

Moving that score to 55/100 (May 2019) in just 7 months gave Dreams a 19% increase in sales.

Digital moves fast and so does the competition, customer behaviour and expectations.

We ran DAP once again, spotting further opportunities, particularly in mobile and friction in the checkout experience.

Within one month of launching a new checkout experience, Dreams delivered an 11% increase in online sales.

So, more customers are buying more Dreams beds. And not just that, they’re recommending Dreams, giving them a competitive advantage – They now have over 39,000 reviews on Trustpilot and a score of 4.8, classifying them as an ‘excellent’ retailer. 

Improvement in Digital Maturity Score after 7 months
Conversion rates increased by