A decade long partnership… and long may it continue

OFFICE shoes, the leading fashion footwear supplier, with over 160 stores globally, along with its exclusive brand, ‘Offspring’, are one of our longest-standing clients, partnering together over a decade.

With multichannel now essential to all retailers, OFFICE needed a complete overhaul of their online offering in order to stay ahead of their competition.

With a platform that’s not only fit for today but equipped for years to come, our work with OFFICE is a programme of continuous improvement to ensure growth across all key metrics, from conversion rates to AOV.


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Scaling up to meet business needs and ambitions

Starting their online journey with a low volume, bespoke e-commerce site over 20 years ago, OFFICE outgrew the solution and decided to make the move to an SAP Hybris solution back in 2012. 

We partnered with OFFICE in 2013, after they had struggled to achieve their goals with the previous agency.

We have built a portal that is not only capable of scaling up with business growth but has been designed to focus on user experience and the unique buying patterns experienced throughout the year. 

Building on the SAP Hybris solution, OFFICE has been able to grow its business in a highly competitive market, not to mention deal with some major challenges, from bots to Black Friday.

Battle of the Bots

OFFICE’s off-shoot brand, Offspring, specialises in exclusive trainers and sneakers, where the resale market around the world is now worth billions. When collectable trainers – like Yeezys – are launched, there is a worldwide ban on sale until one set time (down to the minute) across the world. And any online retailer has to deal with the issue of automated bots – with tens of thousands of them built to spam the platform at once – blocking genuine customers getting shoes. And so we are in place, with our dedicated teams, to move just as fast, in order to identify the bots – and block the transactions. 


Black Friday

The Black Friday phenomenon causes retailers major headaches. For a brand like OFFICE, it may have needed to have 80% of its infrastructure sitting idle for the whole year, just to it was in a position to cope with the peak sales and returns movement from Black Friday shoppers. We’ve helped them build a capable, reliable platform that can adapt easily to the sudden surge in activity.

Consumer habits change and evolve all the time. Providing a multichannel experience is imperative, as is keeping up to date with digital developments – and keeping ahead of the competition. That’s always been our remit for OFFICE – and all of our customers.

KPS understands our business and the goals that we are trying to achieve; with that understanding, they go above and beyond to develop new features and support the day-to-day business goals and needs of an international, omnichannel business.

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