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If you are a current SAP Hybris or CCv1 user, you’ll be aware of the option to upgrade to SAP’s CCV2. Upgrades, especially migrations to the cloud, can cause headaches, maybe even disruptions, so why should this be in your roadmap for 2021?

With the support of SAP Commerce software 1811 and 1905 ending in May 2021, customers are faced with the decision to either stay with their current infrastructure and just upgrade, or make the move and migrate to SAP Commerce in Public Cloud. Migrations aren’t light work, so making sure it’s the right time and move for your business is essential.  Additional expenses incurred with the traditional SAP On-Prem solution can add up, from maintenance, upgrades and hosting, to deployments, host management and support. Upgrading to SAP Commerce Cloud can significantly lower your total cost of ownership, typically by 30%. And if the total cost of ownership saving isn’t enough, there are a few more good reasons to switch to the cloud.

Adapt to digital trends quickly

Digital is a hungry environment, with fast-paced innovation at every turn. Innovation isn’t even yearly, it’s monthly. 2020 shone a light on omni-channel retail, interactive visuals and personalisation to name but a few, who knows what will be the next digital trend that will keep consumers gripped. The SAP Commerce Cloud platform brings you that all-important flexibility to respond to the ever-changing environment. With self-service deployments, you can add new features and updates to your site quickly, easily and much more regularly than the older on-prem platform. CCv2 simplifies the process of deploying, giving you more agility, allows you to deploy more frequently and can lower the risk of deployments.

Manage demand more efficiently

SAP Commerce Cloud uses Kubernetes for automatic scale management, so your website will automatically meet incoming demand and deal effectively with spikes in traffic. So, unlike older solutions, not only will you experience a lot less down-time, you’ll no longer have to worry about Black Friday or any other peak trading periods, leaving you free to focus your team and your time on revenue-generating streams.

That all-important customer experience

Customer experience is essential when it comes to getting the competitive edge within your market, so much so “64% of people say customer experience is more important to them than price when making a purchase”, according to Content Guru. SAP CCv2 architecture comes with a combination of mandatory and optional software packages that give you everything you need for a personalised commerce solution. Spartacus JavaScript storefront is one of the many customisable microservices offered and allows you to easily and seamlessly update your storefront independently from the SAP Core Commerce platform. Previously with SAP Commerce or CCv1, making changes to customer touchpoints proved to be a very time-consuming process. SAP CCv2 makes it quick and easy to deliver the most engaging CX.


SAP Commerce Cloud has fewer overheads associated with it than SAP Hybris. You’ll no longer have to worry about, or pay for, maintenance, hosting management, deployment or support. The automated environment setup, deployment, backup and restore that comes with SAP CCv2 reduces the operational costs associated with maintaining your online storefront. Our analysis of a UK retailer, turning over £100m a year, showed savings of £2m+ over 5 years. (And if you’d like to know your exact cost-saving, get in touch. Our Cloud Readiness Report will show you what, when and how you can upgrade, along with the cost savings attached)

End of life considerations

Lastly, with the support of SAP Hybris 6.7 ending last August (2020) and SAP commerce 1811 and 1905 ending together in May 2021, SAP has committed to CCv2, increasing their software upgrade frequency to monthly from the yearly updates seen for On-Prem, SAP has also stopped licensing Hybris On-Premise to new customers. 

If you like to find out how we can take the headache out of upgrading to SAP CCv2, and get your free, no-obligation Cloud Readiness Report, get in touch. We’re SAP Gold Partners, with more than a few awards and accolades under our belt.  

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