KPS is a collection of remarkable experts with a passion for e-commerce and a love of the craft

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    e-commerce excellence

    KPS, an SAP CX consultancy, is one of the most trusted and successful e-commerce agencies in the UK. We are a highly capable SAP Commerce implementation partner with a long history of successful SAP Commerce projects.

    Excellence is KPS’s mission statement; we have a sustained investment in professional certification and quality systems. We have only one agenda: leading businesses to omni-channel success, backed up by quality implementation.

    KPS’s values

    These are the principles at the heart of our company:

    Service first.
    Long-term, transparent client relationships backed by consistently excellent service.

    in commerce consultancy, implementation standards and project governance.

    Designing e-commerce around ideal omni-channel customer experiences always results in better commercial performance – and happier customers.

    This means long-term and dependable Customer Experience leadership and delivery of best-practice e-commerce implementation.

    Our Partners

    KPS has professional partnerships with some of the best specialist service and solution providers around