Platforms and packages
Platforms and packages

Effective throughout the company

KPS Instant Platforms

At the touch of a button

Platformise your transformation!

For the first time, you can access everything you require for a successful transformation - pre-packaged, ready to go and at a fixed price. 


Our new KPS Instant Platforms combine all your industry's processes on a single, integrated end-to-end platform. The easily implemented solution covers everything you need, from core operational processes to all customer interactions, finance, and administration. 


Our solution combines the highest degree of technological standardisation with best practice, with the ability to customise the platform to your exact needs. Now, the most effective, market-leading applications are available to you in a modular, composable IT architecture, ready for immediate use.


The KPS Instant Platform promise:  You buy a platform instead of a project and will benefit from a fast and secure transformation that delivers effective differentiation in the marketplace. You will feel the difference - and so will your customers.

1. True end-to-end

For the first time, all of an industry's processes are unified and implemented on a single, end-to-end business platform, encompassing core operations from customer interactions to finance and - ready to go instantly.

1. Packaged modules

Our KPS Instant Platforms offer top performance in all business areas: they map all best-practice processes end-to-end with the market-leading applications and are also available in modular packages.

1. High-performance, scalable

We have combined the best technology components in a future-proof, high-performance design. The Instant Platform grows and changes with the demands of the market and your organisation, scaling in both, functionality and performance, while remaining agile.

1. Infrastructure you design

KPS Instant Platforms run on the infrastructure of your choice - on private, public and hybrid clouds - instantly scalable, highly available and secure.

1. Clear product pricing

The platform is delivered as a product. This means that you receive the included business scenarios and use cases for your industry and your assortments with the market-leading applications at a fixed price.
With our new B2B platform, we quickly served more than 1,300 companies in Norway alone. The onboarding of the remaining countries was smooth and enormously fast.
Bjørn Dalen Director IT Systems & Operations ELKJØP

Impact at the touch of a button

With the KPS Instant Platform, you focus on the actual transformation from day one.

When you switch on the KPS Platform, your future best-practice processes can be seen immediately by your users. This considerably reduces the burden on your IT and specialist departments, letting everyone in the company focus on going forwards instead of worrying about how existing systems could be replicated. Our market-leading standard software stacks offer best-practice business scenarios and processes, and provide your team with clear direction from day one.

Through our Alignment Package, we can support you with any change management challenges you may face. This allows you to focus your resources on innovation and projects that can add real value and profitably or differentiate your business from the competition. Our costs are transparent and may only vary in the way we work to future-proof your company. You will feel the difference - and so will your customers.

Company wide

KPS Instant Platforms - what's inside?

In our industry-specific platforms KPS/merchant, KPS/style, KPS/grocery and KPS/foodservice, the following end-to-end processes, applications and technology components are immediately available to you.

With our Instant Platforms, we are revolutionising the path of digital transformation. We are replacing today's dominant project-oriented approach with a platform, thus combining the best of both worlds - the security and immediate availability of a product with opportunities for customisation for true market differentiation.
Michael Tsifidaris Chairman KPS AG


Experiencing Instant Transformation live

Do most transformations take a long time and yield less than expected? Not if you start with one of our platforms. At the KPS Design Centre, you can experience our innovative KPS Instant Platforms live. The advantages of our standardised products and the opportunities that arise through targeted customisation, can be demonstrated quickly and on a real system. Together, we will design your instant transformation, and deliver results from day one.





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