Harrods Case Study about Creating a Golden Record

Harrods Case Study: Creating a "Golden Record"

Whitepaper: Monolith vs Composable

Monolith vs Composable

Future-proof IT infrastructure for a better customer experience

Supply Chain & Logistik - AI in the supply chain

Supply Chain & Logistics

Integrating AI in Supply Chains

Brownfield, Greenfield, Bluefield - The Road to SAP S/4HANA

Brownfield, Greenfield, Bluefield - The Road to SAP S/4HANA

CX Trend Study 2024

CX Trend Study 2024

Discover the latest trends and strategies

Largest S/4HANA transformation in the Nordics

Coop Danmark

Largest S/4HANA transformation in the Nordics

Next Generation CFO

Next Generation CFO

Smart Supply Chain

Smart Supply Chain

Your growth factor

Instant Transformation

KPS quickly turns opportunities into success

KPS is a renowned digital transformation consulting organisation. KPS successfully supports businesses as they digitalize all of their activities, from ERP to customer experience to finance and supply chain, all while utilising the best available technology.


KPS has an extensive amount of expertise working in the retail, grocery, wholesale, and fashion industries in the Nordics, DACH, BENELUX, UK, and Spanish regions. We collaborate with leading solution partners to give our customers extra value to maintain their competitive edge in the worldwide market.

Secure benefits

Always one step ahead

Discover business models, technologies, architectures or products that will give you a decisive competitive advantage. Together with you, we are continuously driving the acceleration of digital transformation and are already shaping the world of tomorrow with a holistic view: smart best-practice processes and outstanding customer experience along the entire value chain, from individual customer interaction to the supply chain and the core operating business to finance.

Satisfied customers

European market leader in retail, partner for all

We are the leading partner for retail and consumer goods, but we also use our extensive expertise for all companies that focus on the best possible interaction with their customers - regardless of the industry.

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Consulting & Product Innovations

Industry recognition

SAP Consulting

SAP S/4HANA All-Stars and the world's best in customer experience

KPS is the leading SAP S/4HANA implementation partner for the retail industry and a global top partner for all SAP Customer Experience topics including the SAP Commerce Cloud. Take a look at our references!

Industry expertise

European market leader in retail, fashion, wholesale and partner for all

We are the leading partner for retail and consumer goods, but we also apply our extensive know-how to all companies that focus on the best possible interaction with their customers - no matter what the industry.

success stories

Clients that grow their business together with KPS

Next Generation Platform


The end-to-end platform for the S/4HANA transformation transforms rapid into immediately noticeable and a service into a product. SAP standard, enhanced with microservices designed specifically for retail and fashion. Ready for use; try it out for yourself!

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Partner Network

Only the best technology solutions for our clients

We work together with the leading technology partners. Our premium partner, SAP, is the foundation of our consulting services for enterprise, customer interaction, analytics as well as system integration and software development. Together with the market and industry leader, we assure our customers a very broad portfolio of future-oriented technologies and solutions.

KPS Career

Shape the future with us

At KPS, it's not just about a new job - with us, you will immerse yourself in the digital transformation and shape the world of tomorrow for our clients. As one of the leading consulting firms in Europe, we are always on the lookout for people who want to explore new, innovative paths with us in our projects. With us, you can actively lead the way in strategy consulting, highly dynamic customer experience or as a highly sought-after SAP expert for the retail and consumer goods sector or another specialisation.

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