Supply chain specialist GRAPHYTE becomes part of KPS

Supply chain specialist GRAPHYTE becomes part of KPS

A woman shopping with tablet in hand
A woman shopping with tablet in hand

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Instant Transformation

KPS Belgium is a digital transformation expert center driving transformations in business processes

At KPS we go all-the-way in empowering organisations with both skills and solutions. Our Operations department supports businesses by adding skilled team members to rapidly changing business environments. While our Solutions department combines IT experience with operational knowhow to realise fully integrated end-to-end solutions.


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A full scope partner with supply chain in our DNA

We value the insights and experience that each one of our team members brings to the table. KPS Belgium grew from a fast growing warehouse management consultancy to a full E2E Digital and SAP Partner cross several industries.

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Making an impact with your knowledge and skills.

At KPS Belgium, we aim to bring together people with the same mindset and passion for business processes. Our diverse team of SAP consultants is committed to helping businesses to optimize their flows with innovative and creative solutions that will help them become more efficient in today’s rapidly changing world.

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