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Ein Mann am PC

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Digital Customer Interaction

Get personal!

Successful companies put the customer at the centre of their strategies and processes - and digitalisation is opening up even better and more efficient opportunities for them to do so at breathtaking speed.


Starting in marketing, for example, where data-driven control of personalised campaigns, predictive analytics and machine learning allows customers to be addressed in an increasingly targeted manner, consistently across all channels. Or in sales, where up-to-date customer data significantly improves the planning, implementation and follow-up of customer appointments.

And of course in service, where it is more important than ever to perfectly manage customer enquiries and complaints around the clock and to optimally control all social media at the same time.


KPS accompanies you with the implementation of new or the optimisation of existing processes on your way to outstanding customer journeys, significantly improved customer loyalty and more profitability.


Digital Enterprise

Rely on best practice and innovation

Successful companies are mastering digital disruption by focusing on best practice and putting innovation at the centre of all their applications. Often, outdated and overly complex application environments consume too many IT resources and slow down the opportunities for growth and change.

For many of our customers, SAP S/4HANA is the intelligent core and digital control centre for all important business processes. Harmonisation of processes across all systems and a return to standard is the top priority in many projects. The automation of labour-intensive, error-prone or slow processes and data-based corporate management go hand in hand. Other systems or cloud solutions must be integrated around this digital control centre so that transparency and efficiency of processes in terms of quality, time and costs are achieved across all systems.

KPS supports you in realigning your processes and IT applications as well as in exploiting your innovation potential. To do this, we deliver the best processes for your business and help you integrate them into your operational reality. At the same time, we ensure that in this platform-supported transformation the end-to-end consistency of all processes and the seamless integration of all applications is given. This is how we help you achieve more efficiency, more resilience and more agility across all processes.

Success stories

Our Case Studies

Immediately effective

Instant Value - our programmes and platforms

In the industry-specific KPS Instant Platforms, we combine best-practice processes with leading technologies and they are ready to go! This allows you to focus on the transformation because the rest is already there.

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