Instant Shift to SAP Emarsys

Instant Shift to SAP Emarsys

How to quickly switch to a future-proof system landscape

SAP Emarsys

Power to the marketer: Realise the full marketing potential with SAP Emarsys!

Customer loyalty programmes, website advertising, personalisation scripting language - exploit the full marketing potential with additional functions from SAP Emarsys!

The Instant Shift approach was developed by KPS to ensure a seamless transition from SAP Marketing Cloud and other marketing automation tools to SAP Emarsys.

About SAP Emarsys

5 SAP Emarsys success factors at a glance

What is SAP Emarsys? SAP Emarsys is a purpose-built marketing platform that enables marketers to create, implement and scale cross-channel marketing campaigns.

success stories

The strategies are confidential, the successes are tangible

Well-known brands such as Globus department stores' or the international luxury brand Harrods achieve a clear lead in customer relationship management over their competitors with our personalisation concept.

Instant Shift Whitepaper Download

A seamless journey from SAP Marketing Cloud to SAP Emarsys

Our Instant Shift offer helps new and existing customers make the transition from SAP Marketing Cloud to SAP Emarsys. The recommended switch to SAP Emarsys can be made via three different package options. In this whitepaper, you will also learn how to find the right toolset for a successful migration and unlock your full marketing potential.

Marketing Automation

FAQ SAP Emarsys Implementation


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