Business Process Management by KPS

Business Process Management

For an Effective Process Innovation Lifecycle

The goal

Build a solid process foundation for continuous improvement

Improving processes can improve your bottom line significantly. Effective business process management helps you build a solid foundation for your organisation that lets your business thrive. Such a foundation enables you to truly optimise, monitor and innovate your business and IT processes and efficiently change and train your organisation. But how do you get there? 

Business Process Management by KPS

The Solution

Innovate. Transform. Empower. Deliver!

Considering the entire lifecycle of your processes will enable you to take your organisation to the next level and significantly improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability. 

KPS Business Process Management sets a structured and aligned process model as a central foundation for you to achieve the most effective business process management for your organisation. With a strong foundation, you will be resilient to weather any storms ahead and be agile for future innovations.

Here is how we take you on your successful transformation journey. 

Success road

Model & Transform

An integrated, consistent process model is the core for continuous transformation and process innovation.

Effective Business Process Management by KPS enables you to achieve a resilient transformation that helps improve your bottom line.
Christian Brelage KPS


Eine integrierte Plattform: Alle Erfolgsfaktoren auf einen Blick

Module & Partner

Modulare Infrastruktur als Erfolgsprinzip für Ihre technologische Transformation

Ausgehend vom Prinzip der Modularität gestalten KPS-Marketingexperten automatisierte Marketing-Systeme mit maßgeschneidertem Aufbau. Durch die Integration interoperabler Funktionsbausteine auf einer modularen Plattform sind reibungslose Prozessabläufe sichergestellt und das symptomatische Herumdoktern an mangelhaften Features erübrigt sich. 

Das Team

Sichern Sie sich die Unterstützung von CX-Spezialisten

Stefan Borchert

Stefan Borchert, Principal

Experte für Marketing Automation
Dr. Lucas Calmbach

Dr. Lucas Calmbach, Partner & Head of Customer Engagement Solutions

Experte für CX

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