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Customer centricity

Increase brand relevance by customer experience

Take advantage of new growth opportunities and increase your brand relevance with the help of an improved customer experience. Start your SAP S/4HANA transformation with the KPS Instant Platform. For the first time, you get all customer interaction processes - ready to use with SAP's C4C applications: SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud & Emarsys, SAP Commerce and the Data Cloud - as well as all core operational business processes on SAP S/4HANA united on a single platform. Implemented, integrated and tested - ready packaged, ready to use and at product price. The KPS Instant Platforms is available to you in a modularly composable IT architecture ready for immediate use and combine a high level of technological standardisation with best practice and offer the possibility of targeted customisation. Kick-start your S/4HANA transformation now!

We have relied on KPS' excellent process and technology know-how for more than ten years. They are a trusted advisor for CCEP.
Victor Rufart Chief Strategy Officer, Coca-Cola European Partners
We have already made great progress with "source to pay", the centralisation and standardisation of all processes around purchasing and procurement. The business case is unmistakable - in less than one and a half years the investment has paid for itself. In strategic purchasing, we will achieve profit increases of around 170 million Danish kroner per year within a few years.
Steen Hedegaard Chief Procurement Officer ARLA


Instant Platform for Direct-to-Consumer Processes

On one hand, a platform can exploit the digitalisation advantages on the cost side and, on the other hand, map the customer journey as an end-to-end experience from initial interest to search and purchase to delivery and subsequent service. For this purpose, we have built KPS/growth, a digital platform for D2C processes that is the only one of its kind on the market: for the first time, all customer interaction processes with the best technology components available on the market are united on a single business platform, immediately accessible and ready-to-use - integrable into the operative core business. And best of all, KPS/growth grows and changes with the needs of the market and your organisation, scaling in both functionality and performance as you see fit, and is well positioned for the future. Let a live demo convince you.

Ein Mann gießt einen Kaktus
Our B2B platform is mission-critical to our day-to-day business. KPS provided the process and technology and did a great job implementing the platform.
David Marimon Chief Information Officer, Coca-Cola European Partners
David Marimon on the B2B portal for CCEP distributors

Interview KPS

Lean Conversion for Retail & Consumer Products

  • Around 80% of SAP customers are currently in the process of switching to S/4HANA.
  • In the area of conflict between innovation and technical conversion, we have developed a solution for our customers that takes both aspects into account.
  • Our methods and toolsets offer budget security and implementation in the shortest possible time.
Katrin Wischhusen, Partner KPS, and Frieder Haas, Partner KPS, in conversation about the S/4HANA transformation.

We would be happy to present our Instant Platform KPS/growth and our Lean Conversion Package for S/4HANA Transformation. Ask for a short conversation!

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LLuis Sans, Managing Director Iberia, KPS

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