Boost your customers' experience with an effective social commerce strategy

KPS Social Commerce

Boost your customers' experience with an effective social commerce strategy

The goal

A seamless customer journey leads to a higher customer reach

The opportunity to increase profits through social commerce is great: Those who use the interaction of their customers on social media channels and adapt the customer journey of the customers to the use of social media not only generate more sales, but also strengthen customer loyalty. With social commerce, customers can buy products directly via social media and follow their first impulse to buy. You can also easily reach first-time buyers via these same social channels.

As an eCommerce & marketing consultancy, we help build, refine and continuously improve an optimal social commerce strategy by creating a powerful system landscape that meets all requirements.


Why you should start with social commerce now

Module & Partner

Modulare Infrastruktur als Erfolgsprinzip für Ihre technologische Transformation

Ausgehend vom Prinzip der Modularität gestalten KPS-Marketingexperten automatisierte Marketing-Systeme mit maßgeschneidertem Aufbau. Durch die Integration interoperabler Funktionsbausteine auf einer modularen Plattform sind reibungslose Prozessabläufe sichergestellt und das symptomatische Herumdoktern an mangelhaften Features erübrigt sich. 

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