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Instant trust

What sets us apart

Setting the bar high

10 ways we deliver successful digital transformation

KPS is one of the most innovative companies in Europe. With a great deal of commitment, compassion and reliability, we lead companies through one of the most important decisions right now. Please read why our customers give us full marks when it comes to digital transformation.

We are the conquerors of digital uncertainty

With KPS, companies can get a competitive edge by recognising and utilising the diverse opportunities of digitalisation.

We are not beginners, that's why we can start immediately

Our programmes, platforms, solutions and services are not only award-winning, but also ready to use at any time!

We have married standardisation with individualisation

Taking from two worlds to make a highly positive connection: Your Instant Transformation.

We've created products from transformation

They include more planning security, cost advantages and greater speed.

We put a price tag on it

Fixed prices are a matter of course for us - and a whole new kind of reassurance for your company.

We are different because we create distinction

Our focus is on real differentiation - in the marketplace and internally.

We make companies extraordinarily successful

Digital Strategy, Digital Customer Interaction, Digital Enterprise. Three digital dimensions, one partner: KPS.

We are the market leader in commerce - and one to follow.

If you want to consistently focus on the best possible interaction with your customers, you've come to the right place - regardless of your industry.

We think customer experience is not just for your customers.

In our Design Centre, you are immediately at the heart of your company transformation.

We are immediately effective

Instant transformation also means instant trust - why not talk to one of our experts?

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