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Why B2B Customer Experiences Matter

Customers are expecting more from their digital experience in eCommerce and B2B is no exception. Creating the perfect customer experience and understanding how to improve the digital customer journey is essential for B2B brands and is no longer a nice to have.


According to research by Qualtrics, 65% of B2B customers say their B2B experiences don’t match their customer experiences – with 96% of customers saying their experience affects whether they’ll repurchase.


The B2B sector has been forced to reevaluate everything that makes up its online operations but it's equally as important to invest in the improvement of the online user experiences, from faster loading speeds, and effortless navigation to an easy checkout process.


It is now more important than ever to shift away from the traditional approaches to purchasing and elevate your customers' experiences online. The best brands are those that can provide their customers with a friction-free, buyer-first experience. 

According to research by Qualtrics, 65% of B2B customers say their B2B experiences don’t match their customer experiences – with 96% of customers saying their experience affects whether they’ll repurchase. It’s key to get your strategy right.

Overcoming dead ends

The B2B Challenge

The B2B world is complex, and creating an excellent customer-first digital strategy comes with some hurdles along the way. We surveyed our customers to uncover the challenges that are limiting B2B brands from reaching their potential. From our discussions, we gathered that it often starts with teams not having the right fundamentals in place to enable their digital strategy.

The top 3 challenges B2B brands are facing in 2022 are:

Win over the board

Delivering next level CX


Lead your field, automate, and digitalise your customer experience

Download our B2B customer experience eBook to find out how you can solve your siloed data, leave your legacy systems behind and achieve next-level customer experience.

Electronik Conrad: Mehr Auswahl, geringere Prozesskosten

Vor der Einführung seines Marktplatzes bot Conrad ein rund 800.000 Artikel umfassendes Sortiment. Fünf Jahre später sind es bereits über 7 Millionen Produktangebote von mehr als 650 Herstellern und Distributoren, die ihre Ware über den Conrad Marketplace vertreiben. Bei Conrad Electronic hat man sich deshalb für ein kuratiertes Marktplatzmodell entschieden und somit das Angebot ideal auf die Kundenbedürfnisse ausgerichtet.

Douglas, einer der führenden europäischen Premium-Beauty-Händler, verzeichnete seit dem Start seines Online-Marktplatzes ein exponentielles Wachstum. Das Angebot hat sich in 2 Jahren vervielfacht und umfasst heute über 100.000 Produkte. Mit seiner Plattformstrategie bewältigte Douglas die Coronavirus-Pandemie und steigerte dank Mirakl-Technologie die Anzahl seiner Produkte und Partner erheblich.

Hat Ihr Business das Zeug zum Marketplace? Eine Machbarkeitseinschätzung gibt Ihnen Klarheit. Wählen Sie aus unseren drei Analyse-Optionen und erhalten Sie verlässliche, individuelle Handlungsempfehlungen. Steigen Sie kostenlos ein und vertiefen Sie Ihre Analyse durch die Wahl weiterführender Bundles.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Innovate your B2B brand at scale

KPS helps you simplfy your operations, eliminate complexities and allows you to deliver exeptional Customer Experiences with SAP Commerce Cloud. Voted SAP's Customer Experience Partner of the year at last years SAP Pinnacle Award, our team can help you implement the best CX solution to enable growth. Our involvement with large global B2B brands and wholesalers with a complex mix of data sources, organisation structures, and diverse customer segments, has allowed us to become specialists delivering excellent customer experiences, no matter the complexity. 

KPS plays an important role in helping deliver our eCommerce platforms, understanding our customers and developing, optimising and unifying their experience by helping us achieve a 360 view across channels.
Head of Digital Data Innovation & Architecture Saint Gobain

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Our proven track record of excellence in B2B


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