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Business Innovation & Strategy

Using the times of disruption for new beginnings

The goal

Turning strategic opportunities into competitive advantages

Many markets are changing rapidly: Innovative, often digital, technologies enable superior products and services, customers wants and needs change throughout their journey, new competitors shake up old market structures worldwide. This creates not only risks but also strategic opportunities galore, which should definitely be taken advantage of. KPS supports manufacturers, retailers and service providers with award-winning methods, superior strategic concepts and highly effective innovation programmes.

Instant Transformation

Effective business strategies & innovations for the fast lane

You can start immediately! Critically review your own position in the market, creatively revise strategies at all levels in an insight-driven way, effectively increase the performance of innovation activities, establish the digital roadmap as a connecting element between business and IT - with the multiple award-winning methods of KPS, you can start the transformation effectively and accurately from day one.

Success stories

The strategies are confidential, the successes are tangible

Over the last 20 years and during outstanding disruptive events like the Coronavirus pandemic, we have helped many companies find the right strategies for successful growth. Of course, we can't give too much away - but the results speak for themselves.


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Thomas Sindemann, Vice President KPS

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