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Connected Customer Experiences

Connected Customer Experience

Create customer experiences that deliver brand loyalty

At KPS, we are on a mission to simplify the buying journey and make your customers' experience more enjoyable. Our unified commerce approach delivers a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints, providing you with an intelligent, integrated and scalable platform for managing all customer interactions. 


The Connected Commerce Experts

We have spent the last two decades building an industry-leading capability in all things commerce. With a reputation as a safe pair of hands, we have helped customers fix failing transformation projects, advance their e-commerce capabilities and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Named SAP Customer Experience Partner of the Year 2021, we can draw on expertise and experience from across our international network in multiple areas of retail and commerce, including sales, marketing, supply chain, ERP and customer management.

With a diverse client portfolio, we are now Europe’s market leader in engineering state-of-the-art architectures, delivered quickly and painlessly. We’re not afraid to challenge the brief, delivering “out of the box” solutions that scale with your business.


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Barnaby Moffat, Commercial Director of KPS UK

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    E-Commerce projects, Cloud migration, Commercial strategy, Business development, Company positioning  

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