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Energy & Utilities

Pushing forward with the digital transformation

Customer centricity

Intelligent customer interaction of the energy supplier

Enormous changes in the energy supplier market, a new consumer awareness and changing legal frameworks are part of a new, digital age. New competition is entering the market and new channels and touchpoints to consumers are emerging. The challenge is to recognise and actively develop digital customer loyalty and growth with new, connected experiences. Digital customer loyalty can be achieved through digital marketing solutions, excellent care and outstanding service in the customer journey.

Innogy App und Auszeichnung

Innogy (EON)

Transformation into an omnichannel company for energy-related products

innogy (EON) bundles all of the group's energy efficiency topics and, as an energy supplier, is also a pioneer in the smart home segment. KPS developed and manages the online shop (Intershop Commerce) for SmartHome to electric cars with an ISO-certified usability approach for mobile first. The innogy SmartStore offers numerous new features to address a tech-savvy target group. It uses dynamic content to support marketing and sales campaigns and allows optimised management of customer data, orders and returns. The "Meine innogy" app has been awarded "best app" in the energy supplier market four times in a row. KPS supported the development and launch of the very successful community platform (Voycer).
It is a special accolade to be voted the most customer-friendly app of all energy suppliers. Especially since the vote came from the app's users themselves - for the fourth time in a row!
Jennifer Deborah Tamblyn Business Owner Digital Sales & Service INNOGY


Instant platform for service providers with customer centricity

On the one hand, a platform can play out the digitalisation advantages on the cost side and, on the other hand, map the customer journey as an end-to-end experience from initial interest to search and purchase to delivery and the subsequent service. For this purpose, we have built KPS/growth, a digital platform for customer interaction processes. It is the only one of its kind on the market: for the first time, all customer interaction processes with the best available technology components are united on a single business platform, immediately accessible, ready-to-use and integrable into the operative core business. Best of all, KPS/growth expands and changes with the needs of the market and your organisation. Both in terms of functionality and performance, you can scale as you wish and are well positioned for the future. Let us convince you in a live demo.

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KPS has been cooperating with RWE/innogy SE for over 10 years. The basis for this trust is our ability to recognise, develop and fulfil customer requirements.
Klaus-Peter Lingnau Principal Utility CC KPS

We would be happy to introduce you to KPS/growth - Instant Platform for Customer Interaction. Please contact us for a short meeting!


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