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One platform for all generations: This is what loyalty programmes of the future will look like.

Millennials are one of the largest demographics for retailers around the world, with a huge customer base, unlike their Generation X predecessors Generation Z expects brands to be transparent and authentic. Loyalty has redefined this generation. Therefore the way they shop is different from other generations.

Now it's getting exciting!

You want to understand your customers even better?

Do you want to know your customers' habits, predict their needs and desires and address them in a personal way at the same time?

KPS Expert Talk Loyalty, Generation Z, Social Media Engagement

Expert Talk Recording

Attention all retailers!

Learn how to engage with these different generations, build loyalty, provide a flawless customer experience and turn these customers into advocates. This is what we will discuss together with Annex Cloud.


Speaker: Erin Raese, Senior Vice President Revenue, Annex Cloud | Mirjam Markert, Consultant, KPS | Julian Drees, Head of Loyalty, KPS

Loyalty is about choice and personalization: Giving the customer the ability to curate the program that they want and giving them the option of selecting their own benefits. It is also about moving towards a more dynamic program where there is not a fixed set of experiences for everyone, but every customer gets a relatively unique experience.
Nat Lloyd Head of CRM and Loyalty Harrods
Mum is on Facebook - the teenage daughter is on TikTok! Both shop at Zalando! Learn more about how to build sustainable loyalty programmes and appeal to all generations.

Strong partners

Building sustainable loyalty programmes

We have built sustainable relationships with our partners to ensure you have the best loyalty solutions.

Customer Case

Successful loyalty programme 'My Globus'

With 40,000 employees and a turnover of 8 billion euros, Globus Holding is an extremely successful family business in the retail sector.

Identifying customer behavior

Steering customer behavior

Future of Loyality

Success stories

The strategies are confidential, the successes are tangible

Well-known brands such as Globus department stores' or the renowned luxury department store Harrods, achieve a clear lead in customer relationship management over their competitors with our personalisation solution.

OMR22 Masterclass

OMR22-Masterclass! With our customer Harrods.

Incentivising the rich - How Harrods inspires its luxury customers and turns them into advocates

At the OMR Festival 2022 in Hamburg, we held a masterclass on "Incentivising the rich - How Harrods inspires its luxury customers and turns them into advocates". Learn more about Instant Personalisation with KPS and watch the recording of our masterclass.


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