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Hey, experts, can someone tie up the loose ends of personalisation in a meaningful way?

Everyone knows it: excellent customer experience is crucial for success. Nevertheless, many companies do not offer a consistent customer experience. They act selectively instead of networked - and fall behind the competition. Only holistic personalisation becomes a fast-acting success booster. That's why we call it Instant Personalisation. No matter where your company currently stands: KPS quickly brings your CX to a market leader level, with comprehensive expertise in all areas of CRO/UX, loyalty, ME automation, CME and customer data profile.

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Well-known brands such as Globus department stores' or the international luxury brand Harrods, the renowned traditional London department stores', achieve a clear lead in customer relationship management over their competitors with our personalisation concept.

Hugo Boss branch from the outside

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has been a loyal customer of KPS for more than ten years. The first major joint project involved the complete reorientation of IT towards integrated processes and systems in merchandise management for wholesale and retail. Various project initiatives followed. Currently, KPS provides support in various areas, including the introduction of SAP Hybris Marketing (now: SAP Marketing Cloud ) for campaign management and the personalisation of customer offers.
Siegrun Löffelholz from Globus talks about the successful loyalty programme My Globus

Globus SB Warenhaus

Successful loyalty programme My Globus

Sigrun Löffelholz, Head of Marketing at Globus SB Warenhaus, implemented important milestones in the further development of the "My Globus" customer loyalty programme together with KPS. With SAP Marketing, campaign management was geared to specific target groups and customers receive coupons and offers tailored to them, regionally adapted newsletters as well as local actions and promotions. Hundreds of thousands of recipients are addressed weekly.

Personalisation Readiness Check

What is the status of your personalisation?

It all starts with a critical analysis of your company's current personalisation status. What technology do you already have in place? What is limiting your performance? What can you build on? 


Our Personalisation Readiness Check provides you with the answers. In just 3 minutes you will get a transparent picture of your current situation in the area of personalisation. You will also find out how and how quickly your customer experience will become so powerful that your business will profit from it economically.

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Quickly reach market leader level with KPS Instant Personalisation.

Personalisation is a megatrend of the digital age. Sociologist Andreas Reckwitz speaks of the "society of singularities", meaning a culture of uniqueness in which individuality is increasingly lived out, demanded, supported, offered and rewarded.

Read our ebook to find out how you can use the trend of personalisation and strengthen your company's competitive position by addressing your customers individually. The ebook is available for download free of charge.

Customer Case

The personalisation fairytale is coming true for Elkjøp.

Omni-channel sales and cross-media communication, customer centricity and a personalised customer approach: The combination of the four strategic principles into a successful business model is not wishful thinking at Elkjøp, but is becoming reality.

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