Numbers and graphs in a digital dashboard
Numbers and graphs in a digital dashboard

Digital Finance Transformation with S/4HANA

CFO Agenda 2025

The future of finance

CFO's are drivers for value creation

The CFO and the finance team continues to gain more and more importance within companies. In a highly volatile economic environment with increasing global competition, the need for high-quality planning, budgeting, forecasting and negotiation is growing. In addition, a stronger involvement of the finance organisation in the development and design of strategies and especially in the S/4HANA transformation is necessary. This makes CFO's and their teams the architects of value creation for companies. The finance function must face three key challenges in particular: Better cost control, focus on new growth and sustainability. With our KPS Finance Assets, we support the CFO and their team in the finance transformation process and develop a finance solution together.

Ohne Vision kein Fortschritt! Mit den KPS Finance Assets entwickeln wir zusammen die Finanzvision und unterstützen den CFO und seine Organisation im Transformationsprozess.
Henry Cohen Head of Finance, KPS AG
Digital Finance Transformation in companies | KPS

The path to a finance digital transformation

From Strategy to Solution

The digital finance transformation has only just began, and the future has not yet been defined. We're still asking ourselves, how will finance be successfully transferred to the digital future with SAP S/4HANA?

KPS have developed a 5-step approach "From Strategy to Solution" which supports the customer throughout the finance transformation phases with customised services and technical solutions.

With the KPS Instant Interface, we can process files from a wide range of service providers through a single interface. Although hundreds of business logics need to be applied, the solution is simple and easy to maintain. This gives us the flexibility we need in our rapidly evolving business environment.
Lars Bendtsen Business Process Owner for Record-to-Report, Coop Danmark

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Shaping the financial organisation of the future with KPS

The digital transformation is also causing a role shift and an expansion of competences in the finance organisation. In addition to the original tasks of the finance function, the CFO and his or her department are increasingly seen in the role of a driving force for value creation in the company and thus also as a driver of digitalisation. In order to successfully shape the transformation of the finance function, KPS has launched the CFO Agenda 2025 with a tangible roadmap for shaping a future-proof finance organisation.


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