SAP Concur solutions | KPS certified implementation partner

SAP Concur solutions | KPS certified implementation partner

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With KPS, you get the most out of SAP Concur solutions

You want to start a SAP® Concur® solution implementation the right way without it becoming too overwhelming for you. For this, you will need to have an implementation plan, project lead, and the required expert resources. If this is not available in-house, the best way to successfully implement SAP Concur solutions is to work with an SAP Concur implementation partner company like KPS.


KPS is a certified SAP Concur implementation partner. We provide you with the needed licenses, the full implementation of SAP Concur solutions, and support service global-wide. With KPS, you can rely on getting the complete service for your SAP Concur solutions implementation and the maximum benefits for your business. 

How to implement SAP Concur

KPS' 5 success factors to a successful SAP Concur Solutions implementation

The project has been executed on time and with effectiveness. The deep collaboration between Grundfos, KPS and SAP has paid off, and we now have a platform that enables us to reach our goal of delivering a simple solution to all our employees globally at Grundfos.
Torben Vingaard VP Grundfos Financial Shared Services

Choose the right partner

Have the best SAP Concur solutions implementation partner on your side

With KPS, you will benefit from an agile and dedicated partnership. KPS is a trusted partner of SAP and one of the first partners in the Nordic region to get the certification for implementing SAP Concur.


Our dedicated and experienced team helps you implement SAP Concur solutions successfully and provide support service adjusted to your company's needs. Whether you are a company of 20 or 20.000+ employees, KPS has experience in all different sizes of SAP Concur implementations. 

KPS’ strong expertise within global expense management processes, implementation approach, and their proven best practices have convinced us. The consultants’ expertise when it comes to expected hurdles and their extensive knowledge of SAP Concur were the decisive factors for us.
Tina Havnemark Rasmussen Senior Front Office Accountant VELUX GROUP

Our clients

Our clients that benefit from SAP Concur solutions

SAP Concur solutions

Why is SAP Concur the number 1 solution for travel and expense management?


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Martin Pedersen, Head of Sales & Business Development

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We would be happy to advise you on your individual SAP Concur solutions and how to get the full benefits out of it! Write us a message or contact us over LinkedIn.


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