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Process Strategy & Innovation

Making good processes better

The goal

Making processes a differentiating factor in competition

Digitalisation offers companies a unique opportunity to transform business processes into a real competitive advantage. The decisive factor is the consideration and optimisation of processes - end-to-end. Even without the extensive new implementations of software solutions, optimisation is often already possible for existing processes and business systems in the company.

Instant Transformation

Process Strategy & Innovation

Immediate effectiveness

Our agenda

Process innovation and continuous improvement

In the "Innovation" and "Design" phases, feasibility is an important target variable; in the "Deployment" and "Continous Optimisation & Services" phases, stable operation, monitoring and continuous improvement are important.

The consulting packages cover the levels of process strategy, process management and process organisation.


With innovative technologies and excellent partnerships, KPS delivers sustainable value creation

KPS works with the leading solution providers to deliver on our promise: High-performance solutions for Commerce & Services, with the best engineering on state-of-the-art architectures. Our partner network includes regional and global providers and is based on strategic, trusting and sustainable cooperation.


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Christoph Braun, Vice President KPS

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    Process Strategy & Business Transformation

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